The “experts” keep talking….

Dialogue leads to understanding!  *)O(*

Dialogue leads to understanding!

The ‘experts’ keep talking about how to “stop, destroy, battle…” the terrorist cells around the world. I believe that there’s a fundamental “difficult but gut honest conversation” that must be had among families, communities, governments…
how are we failing our youth? what are we not providing them with, that radical movements, “gangs”, are offering and enticing them with?

We have to focus more on the transformation and not the destruction.

More on the root cause, and not on the band-aids.

Band aids fall off! The time has come to address the wounding, the root…viruses/ cells…don’t disappear, they morph!

Crystina Wyler is President of The Artful Communicator, a firm providing creative methods to facilitate communication and transform conflict.


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