I believe that the art of communication is what truly makes a difference in our multicultural world. That is what makes The Artful Communicator both an organization and inspiration. Being in the communications field for almost twenty-five years, my expertise as coach, producer and actor allows me to guide individuals and organizations to find the ‘artful communicator’ that is waiting to be discovered in all of us.

An actor focuses on the craft of communication. We spend long hours learning not just to talk, but to watch and listen. We move beyond the words to the language we speak with our eyes, our body, our tone… to align what we want to say with the action of saying it. Equally as important, we learn to judge communication objectively, listening for the truth behind the words and acting to resolve potential conflict quickly and effectively without allowing personal bias to get in the way. I came to realize that these skills are just as valuable to individuals and companies. Being able to communicate with clarity and confidence in all settings, from the kitchen table to the  staff meeting, is critical for success. Having the skills to master these moments is key to personal and professional achievement….especially in today’s uncertain times!

Over the past few years I have put this theory to the test, working with individuals and groups to strengthen communication, resolve conflict through dialogue, and smooth the process of change in their lives.

Crystina Wyler


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